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August 5, 2017

Extending RxJS custom operator without patch core library

In most cases you probably won’t need to write own operator for RxJS. Version 5 of RxJS has nearly 100 operators built in from very default operator like map to complex one like mergeScan supports various use cases. If you came to feel to write custom operator lot of cases it could be resolved by simple combination of existing operators. But still, there are some edge cases default operators can’t cover and require to write complete new operator. ... Read more

July 15, 2017

Multi target Electron debugging in VS Code

Electron 1.7 introduced v8 inspector protocol added in node.js 6.3. This protocol replaces legacy debugging protocol in node.js, allows to debug Electron’s main process via v8’s inspector protocol. Since Chromium uses same protocol for its devTools, now Electron can have seamless debugging experience between main process and renderer process. Simply run Electron with --inspect command argument and open given url in Chrome, now devTools will open up pointing main process code. ... Read more

May 28, 2017

Profiling Electron's BrowserWindow using contentTracing

Electron’s main process exposes few useful module for BrowserWindow to debug or profiling its behavior. contentTracing is one of them provides binding to Choromium’s Trace api allows to profile BrowserWindow without manual recordings. It is similar to modules like Lighthouse or Speedracer does internally to profile pages via Chrome browers. contentTracing quick overview If you open up about://tracing(or chrome://tracing depends on version) on Chrome browser you can see UI of Trace event profiler Chrome provides by default. ... Read more